Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to Unbrainwash Jr. High

After two years at Castle Jr High, it has become quite apparent that kids are cruel... all of you older than me are probably saying "duh!" But really, they are. I can't believe I made it through those two years since I'm so different.

At school, it was like a terrible sin to sit with a "nerd" at lunch. Why? It was also like a terrible sin to refrain from lying or to not stand up to a teacher for punishing you for something that you actually did! Shouldn't kids be praised for doing those things?

There is a place in the Bible where it says there will always be pain, suffering, poverty, and war in the world. Does it say anywhere that 99% of adolescents will always be to afraid to approach people from other social groups and feel obligated to talk about their own friends behind their backs?

I know you can't have a Utopia Jr High School, but really, can't school ever be a place where you don't have to be terrified of social rejection just for being friends with a certain crowd? I think things could change. What if everyone caught a daily glimpse of God's limitless love??

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's like a puzzle that we're looking at from the bottom,

the puzzle is life, and God is the one putting the pieces together. You can't see why or how, you can't always understand, but you see that the puzzle is being put together. Who knows, you might not ever see the big picture until the end, but you have to have faith that God is making the picture exactly the way he indtends it to look like as long as you let him. Just lately I've become aware that the pieces of my life have been coming together.
My spiritual adventure began at age 7, when I became homeschooled. When I was 9 I went back to public school to try it out. God planned for everything that happened at school. Even the bad! I loved 3rd grade which made me want to stay at Sharon Elemenary. I hated 4th grade, and I hated 5th grade! Who knew that would lead up to who I am today? So when I decided to spend 6th grade at a Christian school, that's when things started coming together. NCS was like constantly being at church and Jesus came into every subject. That is about when I became serious about Jesus and stopped caring what my peers wanted and focused on hat God wanted me to do instead. In 7th grade I was ready to go back to public school again. It was a tough year, but it was the best so far because it fianally built up to where I am now.
The amazing thing is, if anything about school was different in my life over those 7 years, I'd be a very different person! I didn't see why God would have let school be so hard for me in 4th and 5th grade. Now I see! If school wasn't so bad then, I wouldn't have gone to NCS thus, my deeper relationship with God would have had to wait. It could have still been waiting now!
God's ways of working are so elaborate. You just never know! In fourth grade you never would have guessed that in 4 years, I'd be so layed back, and okay with school, and everything else!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Cobra's Failure

The Cobras failed our kidnapping mission. we never got ransom, and got caught in the first 15 minutes anyway. Of course being me, I had to deny that we did it for two weeks and pass out "MISSING" posters to everyone until they got bored of it. I actually printed out those pictures of Timmy planning to put them in Timmy's mom's locker so she's find them but I put them in the wrong locker. So I can only imagine what the person who received the pictures was thinking and who he showed them to...
Our "vicious gang's" name is the Cobras. It had to be overused and stupid of course. If it was a cool name like "The masked ninjas" it just wouldn't be the same. So it had to be "the Cobras." Our mascot is hissing cobra. Everyone thought it was a picture of a screaming onion, but that's justs as good as a hissing cobra.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

♪♫The Life of a Kidnapping Pirate is the Life for Meee♪♫

Lauren and I thought it would be fun to kidnap timmy the teddy bear. Good thing we did, it's been very fun! Giving ransom notes to his parents through their lockers has been the best part. Ahh, you should have seen the look on their faces when they read those. Since they didn't carry out the instructions on the note, I was forced to harm Timmy. Here's what I did:

Swinging on the fan

No comment

tangled in the sewing machine while he was making knock off coach purses for a dollar an hour

getting sucked into the sewing machine

getting interrigated

Watching Titanic.

Using him to keep the nail steady while I worked

He got in the way of the saw while I was fixing the counter in this one

Holding him over a hot stove burner


Straightening his hair


He has a new outfit too!

Now all there is left to do is print them out, and put them in Skyla's locker tomorrow! Then she will pay the ransom.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have a bald spot on my arm! And it is pink!

While I was at at school, we got these stickers handed out to us, and that was cool because they had dinosaurs on them! So I stuck it on my arm to be funny, and a couple hours later I realized I still had it on my arm. So then, I was trying to get it off but it was completely stuck and it hurt when I pulled on it! I pulled and pulled and it remained pretty much glued to my arm. I finally just grit my teeth together and yanked it off! It removed all of the hair and upper layer of skin off with it!! So I yelled really loud and everyone looked over at me while I had a HUGE hot pink circle on my arm! Now that part of my arm is bald and sore! hahahah, only I would have to go to the nurse because I got injured while peeling a sticker off my arm!

Monday, February 9, 2009

This is another almost perfect day!

really nice warm weather in the winter months always makes me so excited for summer time!
Anyways, I found the coolest thing in my attic! (The one in the garage, I never go in it) I was shining the light around and I saw a ton of old interior decorations that the people before us living here just put in the attic instead of throwing away. There was dark blue speckled carpet, rolled up linolium with pictures of pumpkins and corn all over it, a box of small wooden pegs (????), and a huge box that our old computer came in (probably the only thing we put up there). But my favorite thing was way in the back and i crawled back in the dark, and it turned out to be two really really old wooden coke bottle crates! So I brought them down, and found out one is from 1974 because it was printed on the inside, and I don't know when the other is from but its definatly way older. And they look really cool! I should find a place where they would look cool in our house. Or sell them haha. it seems like everday something interesting like that happens to me!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today, I shall write reports.

And not much else. I did go to church and ride my bike to the $ store and buy some peach rings though :D! So I don't even mind. I just get to write a report about something that interests me, listen to music, and eat peach rings while wearing my favorite shirt and some sweats. ahhh how nice. And the weather is totally awesome, so that makes everything even better.