Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to Unbrainwash Jr. High

After two years at Castle Jr High, it has become quite apparent that kids are cruel... all of you older than me are probably saying "duh!" But really, they are. I can't believe I made it through those two years since I'm so different.

At school, it was like a terrible sin to sit with a "nerd" at lunch. Why? It was also like a terrible sin to refrain from lying or to not stand up to a teacher for punishing you for something that you actually did! Shouldn't kids be praised for doing those things?

There is a place in the Bible where it says there will always be pain, suffering, poverty, and war in the world. Does it say anywhere that 99% of adolescents will always be to afraid to approach people from other social groups and feel obligated to talk about their own friends behind their backs?

I know you can't have a Utopia Jr High School, but really, can't school ever be a place where you don't have to be terrified of social rejection just for being friends with a certain crowd? I think things could change. What if everyone caught a daily glimpse of God's limitless love??

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